Google Penalty Recovery

In order to protect the quality of its index and the diversity of its results, Google may inflict penalties on sites deemed to be at fault, which can lead to a drop in visibility and traffic from Google. The engine has also introduced, over the years, automatic filters (Panda, Penguin, etc.) that impact the positions of the pages and can relegate your site far behind the first page.

The impact of a manual penalty or automatic filter for your site can take many forms:
  • A sharp drop in positions across the site
  • A sharp fall in positions targeted to one or more headings or pages
  • A progressive fall by type of media or medium (mobile, video)
  • A gradual fall of traffic on certain strategic keywords
  • A complete disappearance of the result pages

These downgrades are often linked to a poor technical design of the site at the SEO level, an inappropriate content strategy or communication actions deemed aggressive by the engine (net linking abusive).

Sometimes it’s the simple development of the web and the algorithm that will disadvantage your strategy.

An agency expert in the management of filters and penalties Google, My SEO accompanies you to diagnose the origin of these traffic losses. Above all, we know how to deal with the problem.

In many cases, we know how to identify a penalty or a filter before offering a strategy for retrieving and conquering traffic, such as how to deal with a Google Panda filter.

The team of My SEO has a strong and recognized experience at the national level. Do not wait to act. The earlier the better! Contact us immediately for a free quote.

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